I am a Software Engineer with significant experience with 3D rendering and Android development.

Reversing Commits in Git

I had an issue this morning where I had merged two branches and immediately wished I hadn't since I wasn't done with the feature branch that I merged into. The right thing would have been to thoroughly think it though before doing the merge but we all have bad days! After spending way too much time trying various permutations of git reset with every different flag that looked even close to what I wanted I finally found a way that worked!

Android Wear Reactions

The people who ordered their Android Wear devices the day of the announcement are starting to receive them so I though I'd share my thoughts after having used the LG G Watch for the last week or so. Three things I think you should know as a bit of a disclaimer:

  1. I wear a watch everyday. I have for years so having something on my wrist feels normal for me.
  2. I got my device for "free" as a Google I/O attendee
  3. I'm huge. Seriously. I'm 6'7" (2.01m) and weight 315lbs (143kg). So I may be a bit less sensitive about the size of the watch that other people.

Developing for the Android L Developer Preview on OSX

To get started I followed the instructions on the L Developer Preview site. That lead me through updating all of the required tools and packages and setting up the emulator. I created a new project in Android Studio and was able to select Android L Preview as the target but when it tried to build I got the following message:

Error:compileSdkVersion android-L requires compiling with JDK 7

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